My Tumour & I

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Neil is sick. Or is he? It's cancer and it's terminal. But the doctors say he's 100%. When a friendly nurse suggests that maybe his problems are more psychological than physical, Neil retreats into self-obsession, a feverish mind-scape of paranoid delirium in which his home is invaded and his health consumed by a living, breathing, beer-swilling tumour...


A short extract from my graduation film made in 2005. The film was shot entirely in a grain barn in East Anglia. It stars the wonderful Bradley Lavelle as The Tumour who sadly passed away in 2007. This ones' for you Brad.


Written and Directed by Tom Shrapnel

Produced By Joe Holden 

DOP - David Puyol

Editor - Tom Shrapnel

VFX - Once Were Farmers

Music - Barney Freeman

The Tumour - Bradley Lavelle

Neil - Jack Tarlton

Format - HDCAM