Eat Me

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For most it was a party like any other party but for Lorna it was a party she'd rather forget...


Eat Me offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a young woman suffering from an eating disorder and takes you deep into her psyche as she struggles to control this overwhelming and allconsuming illness.


Written by first time writer Lynsey Murdoch and funded by the Dewer Arts Fund we shot this film in 2 days on a minuscule budget up in Cumbernauld on the outskirts of Glasgow. A Short extract from the film.


Director - Tom Shrapnel

Writer - Lynsey Murdoch

Producer - Tim Franklin (Black Leader Pictures)

DOP - Richard Mitchell

Editor - Tom Shrapnel

Lorna - Lynsey Murdoch

Crisp Packet - Gary Lewis 

Format - HDCAM