Simply Rob

Simply Rob's festival run begins this September with it's opening screening at the Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. It will then go on to screen at the Wine Country International Film Festival in Santa Rosa California before having it's UK premiere as the 31st Cambridge International Film Festival.

Work permitting I will be attending the Austin screening before embarking on a mammouth drive across New Mexico to attend the Wine Country screening in California, before then dashing back to the Cambridge screening which is near my home town Bury St Edmunds in East Anglia.  

Strange Weather

My next short film 'Strange Weather' is going ahead at the end of August. The film tell the story of two lost souls who witness a rare phenomenon that fills a gap in their lives and somehow brings them together. It will star actress Maxine Peake and actor Lex Shrapnel in the lead roles (as well as some other familiar faces) and will be shot in rural East Anglia. The film will be the first production by my new production company which will launch at the time of the films completion.

Image of Tom Shrapnel

Web design has never been my forte which is why I went to the kind folk at Elder brother to knock me up a site where peeps can view my work, laugh at my haircut and generally keep up to date with what I've been up to over the past few years.