Tantrum Productions

I have the great pleasure of announcing that I've recently joined the digital collective of London based production company Tantrum Productions. Here I shall continue my online work whilst practicing throwing tantrums at any given opportunity.

I'm very much looking forward to collaborating with them. For more information or reels contact myself here or visit Tantrum productions here.


Well so far so good. Here are a few festival write ups for Simply Rob.


Simply Rob is the presentation of the complex, troubled history of Rob Vassilarakis done as a soaring poem filled with depth and dignity-much like the man himself.



Simply Rob Poster

Simply Rob seems to be going from strength to strength. I am happy to annouce the films London premiere will be at the 19th Raindance Film Festival before going on to screen the 24th Emonton International Film Festival and then the 10th San Francisco Documentary Festival. Whilst I'd love to attend all these festivals it's just not going to be possible due to commercial obligations. I'm aiming to attend Raindance before then heading to San Franscisco for the documentary festival shortly before my 30th birthday. Nice way to see out my 20s.


Lets Talk About Sex, 31st Cambridge Film Festival

Simply Rob now has it's screening dates for the 31st Cambridge Film Festival. It's screening with a selection of 5 shorts under the title Let's Talk About Sex. The first screening is on Thursday 15th September at 10:30am. The second screening will be on Saturday the 17th of September at 11pm. Bookings will be available from the 2nd of September so get in there early to avoid disapointment. 

This will be it's world premiere so I'll be very excited to see the film with an audience. 


Strange Weather has been put on hold for this year unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts. Whilst the project will be on the back burner it certainly won't be forgotten. We are aiming to pick up again next Spring with the hope of shooting early Summer. 


Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the short and sent me CVs etc. We will be contcting people next year to pick up where we left off.

Simply Rob

Simply Rob's festival run begins this September with it's opening screening at the Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. It will then go on to screen at the Wine Country International Film Festival in Santa Rosa California before having it's UK premiere as the 31st Cambridge International Film Festival.

Work permitting I will be attending the Austin screening before embarking on a mammouth drive across New Mexico to attend the Wine Country screening in California, before then dashing back to the Cambridge screening which is near my home town Bury St Edmunds in East Anglia.