Watch Aeolian Online

Watch Aeolian Online

After 10 international festivals on 5 different continents and one very special award in our home land of Suffolk, it's finally time to release our short film Aeolian to the rest of the world.

Made over the course of 3 years the film is a collaboration between myself and animator Cameron Lowe. Following the success of a previous collaboration This Is J03 our aim was simple - to take a 3D animated character, place it in a natural world, and watch it's entire life cycle from beginning to end in a mere 5 minutes. We achieved most of those aims (the film runs at 6minutes 30secs) and together with a sprinkle  of inspiration from Terrence Malik and Hayao Miyazaki, Aeolian was the final result.


Thank you to everyone who helped make the film - Martin McGhee for his 3D modeling and animation skills, Matt Wainwright for his cinematography and ability to watch insects under a macro lens for the best part of a week,and  Finny Curry, Tom Williams Barney Freeman and Ben Vella for their incredible sound design and score. 

So without further ado... Aeolian. Enjoy. Even give it a cheeky 'like' if you fancy.




Aeolian from Tom Shrapnel on Vimeo.