Strange Weather Wraps

Strange Weather Wraps

That's a wrap! I'm excited to annouce that my next short film Strange Weather has finished prinicle photography and will begin post production next week. Backed by Creative England and the BFI the film stars Maxine Peake and Lex Shrapnel and tells the story of two strangers who fractured lives are drawn together after they witness a natural phenomnenon. The film co stars Neil Maskell, Stephen Campbell Moore and Sandra Voe.

The shoot began on the 12th of June for 10 days in East Anglia. I'd like to thank all the cast and crew for their hard work and support over what was a tiring but rewarding shoot. I'd particularly like to thank the Cherry Catering Company who served up an absolute feast during production. We all know an army marches on their stomaches and without Gemma's fine food, we would all have been running on empty.

I'd also like to thank Canon for their technical support. The film was shot on the C500 and C300 with an Odessey 7Q for Raw 2k acquisition. Canon kindly supplied us with a set of their wonderful Cine Primes. From what I've seen so far the images are astounding.  

So onwards we go into the deepest darkest depths of the edit room. I might be gone some time so here's a quick sneaky still from the film (courtesy of photographer Rob Ward).