Back To Work

Back To Work

I'm finally back at the desk with an hour to spare so I'd thought I'd update you all on the last few months. As you know I've been in New Zealand recently which was incredible. We started on the North Island in Auckland, hired a campervan and worked our way south before hopping over to the South Island and ending our trip in Christchurch. The landscape, the people, the food, the culture. Not forgetting the exceptional wine. A truly magical and diverse country.

Since my return I've been thrown back into the deep end with a commercial shooting early April and a music video shooting shortly afterwards for an exciting new band. More news on the latter to follow but word on the street is they're going to be a pretty big deal. This video will be another collaboration with Cameron Lowe so expect an interesting mix of live action and motion graphics.

In other news Aeolian continues it's festival success with a nomination for Best Animation at the Norwich Film Festival and it's US Premiere at the Nashville International Film Festival. One of only 200 short films selected for the festival this will be Aeolian's third screening at an Oscar qualifying film festival. Can't complain. The good news is we are planning to release Aeolian online in the summer so watch this space for further announcements.

Simply Rob is slowly coming to the end of it's festival run with over 30 festival screenings world wide and two awards under its belt. I've been so overwhelmed by the response to the film and want to thank all the festivals that have screened it. It's been a crazy two years. To round off its successful festival run I'll be releasing the film online. Possibly in the next week...

With another short in the pipeline and having just finished the first draft of my feature, 2013 should certainly be a productive year. 

Looking forward to sharing it with you.